The UML profile for PIM4SOA allows user to develop solutions in an easy way using a plug-in for Rational Software Modeller. This plug-in allows users to model the identified four aspects of PIM4SOA in UML. However modelling PIM4SOA solutions means these models could get out of synchronisation with the PIM4SOA metamodel. To resolve this issue a transformation to the metamodel is defined using MTF (Model Transformation Framework). This framework is based on a transformation rules specification.


Name of resultPIM4SOA(UML) <--> PIM4SOA(EMF)
ContactXabier Larrucea
Relationships to other projects
Result typeModel transformation
Software deploymentNot applicable
Publicly availableNo
ACP url (if applicable)http://athena.troux.com/Team/Repository/Projects/Project_209/Upload/Attachments/WPs/WPA6.5/ESIPlugins/
Summary of functionalityThis feature gathers two transformations between a UML model annotated with the PIM4SOA profile and the PIM4SOA model. The first one transforms from UML model into PIM4SOA model and the second one is used for the reverse transformation.
Benefits and contributions to interoperabilityThis feature makes possible to define SOA solutions at platform independent model level transforming UML models into PIM4SOA models.

The reverse transformation enables the graphically representation (UML like) of PIM4SOA models.

Thus the benefits and contribution to interoperability are based on the usage of the PIM4SOA.

Validation and demonstration activititiesTransforming AIDIMA UML model to PIM4SOA.
Standardisation linksThis feature is based on the ongoing model transformation standard proposal:
Requirements and dependenciesThis feature requires:
CommentsThe current uploaded transformation is only valid for UML to PIM4SOA.

Installation guide

The UML2PIM4SOA plugin has been implemented as a plugin for its use in the Rational Software Modeler (RSM) platform that is based on the Eclipse framework.


User guide

This plugin customises the RSM to define UML models with the appropriate notations. The following steps steer users to create a UML models with the PIM4SOA UML profile:

  • Having created a UML model in the RSM workspace File&#61664;New&#61664; UML model using the UML profile
  • Using the navigator view we press right button click over the UML model and the generate PIMSOA model from UML model.