UML profile for PIM4SOA for Rational Software Modeler (RSM)


The main function of the UML Profile for PIM4SOA is to enable the development of the four aspects involved in the PIM4SOA metamodel using UML tools. The profile is based on UML2.0 and tailored for the Rational Software Modeler toolkit. The profile adds to the environment (palette) the elements of the aspects represented in the PIM4SOA metamodel. The UML profile is a graphical representation of PIM4SOA.


Name of resultPIM4SOA UML Profile for Rational Software Modeller
ContactXabier Larrucea
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Result typeUML profile
Software deploymentSources included
Publicly availableObject files available
ACP url (if applicable)http://athena.troux.com/Team/Repository/Projects/Project_209/Upload/Attachments/WPs/WPA6.5/ESIPlugins/
Summary of functionalityThe main functionality of the UML profile for PIM4SOA is to be able to represent the four main aspects involved in the PIM4SOA metamodel: service, process, information and quality of service.

This profile is defined based on UML2.0 and tailored for Rational Software Modeller environment. This specialisation adds to the environment (palette) the elements of the aspects represented in the PIM4SOA metamodel.

Benefits and contributions to interoperabilityBasically the UML profile is the graphical representation of PIM4SOA and therefore the benefits and contributions are based on the role played by the PIM4SOA within the architecture.
Validation and demonstration activititiesThe eprocurement scenario has been used to validate this approach.
Standardisation linksThis profile is based on UML2.0 profiling facilities and then there is a link with UML2.0 standard. http://www.omg.org/docs/ptc/03-09-15.pdf
Requirements and dependenciesThis profile is specialised for Rational Software Modeller.

Installation guide

External dependencies

The PIM4SOA UML profile has been implemented as a plugin for its use in the Rational Software Modeler (RSM) platform that is based on the Eclipse framework. This plugin customizes the RSM environment being able to use the UML profile for PIM4SOA.

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Follow the instructions described here.

User guide

Having installed this plugin, users can edit UML models annotated with the PIM4SOA UML profile. This plugin customises the RSM to define UML models with the appropriate notations. The following steps steer users to create a UML models with the PIM4SOA UML profile:

  • Create a new UML project in the RSM workspace File→New→Project→UML project

  •  The plugin customises the Palette to use the elements described in the UML profile. The following picture shows this situation.

  • Users should to drag and drop the elements required from this palette to the diagram. The way in which the elements are placed must be compliant with the meaning described for the PIM4SOA metamodel.